More Projects

QuickActivity: A Web-based Activity Post and Participate System    [code]

  • Developed a web-based self-service activity-posting and activity-attending platform using Django as development framework
  • Supported the functions of activity searching, posting, attending, bookmarking and other useful features such as printing activity details as PDF files and exporting activity-attending information as CSV files

A Simple Ray Tracer    [code]

  • Employed C++ with OpenGL API to implement the ray tracing global illumination model
  • Rendered three spheres and a chess board with shadows, light reflections and refractions
  • Extended the ray tracer to render two glass chess pieces and a glass chess board with their light interactions

Automatic Course Arrangement Subsystem    [code]

  • Developed the subsystem using PHP and MySQL for the back-end and HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for the front-end
  • Supported the functions of course arrangement and schedule searching by setting different privileges to different types of users

A Turn-Based Strategy Game    [code]

  • Built a LAN-connected turn-based strategy game
  • Used C++ in QT development environment under Linux
  • Connected multiple players in a local area network through TCP/IP using the <QtNetwork> library in QT

Flow Chart Conversion Application    [code]

  • Programmed a flow chart conversion application using C in Turbo C
  • Implemented the conversion from text to pixels properly
  • Drew flow charts of every function of the input program on different pages
  • Supported other features such as page selecting by keyboard input